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Get Out & Denounce War Criminal Melese Zenawi at G8 Summit at Camp David Maryland.


Saturday May 19, 2012 is just around the corner, and we need your help to join us at Camp David and expose war criminal Melese Zenawi to the World.

In an effort to minimize the cost and the time people may need , March 4 Freedom has arranged transportation for the Freedom Ride & Protest scheduled for Saturday May 19, 2012 at at Camp David, Maryland.

If you are interested in riding a bus with us, please make your reservation by registering today. Unless you register on time, we would be unable guarantee to secure a reservation for your trip.

Additional information about the trip to G 8 Summit at Camp David and details regarding the rally will be posted as soon as available. March 4 Freedom provides transporation services to Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans who will be traveling to Camp David from DC metro area to denounce and expose Melese Zenawi at the G 8 Summit on May 19, 2012.

We will be announcing information about transportation location and time  for people who will be registering. To register or make reservations online, enter your information on the form provided below or click here. You may also call 202- 656 8070 and leave us a message.

March 4 Freedom has set up a fund to accept donations to help cover transportation expenses and able to transport as many people as possible to protest against Zenawi at the G8 summit. Please donate through the website. Any amount is helpful. The amount of contribution and first names of people donating to the fund will be posted on You may donate as little as $5. What ever you contribute will make a difference.

Get Out & Denounce War Criminal Melese Zenawi at G8 Summit in Maryland
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